CIMEC (Centro de Investigación de Métodos Computacionales)
The Research Centre for Computational Methods (CIMEC, from it spanish acronym) is a reference Institute throughout Latin America in computational modeling and numerical simulation activities. The Institute has more than 35 years of experience in research, teaching, training of human resources and technology transfer to the public and private productive sectors, generating and providing knowledge in various areas of engineering through cutting-edge computational tools.
Predio CONICET Dr. Alberto Cassano
Colectora Ruta Nac. 168 km. 0, Pje El Pozo, Santa Fe
54 342 451 1594 Extensions 7003 / 7009

Research activities

CIMEC's research activities are mainly focused on the development, implementation, and validation of numerical simulation techniques to address different engineering problems, from a multiphysics conception. We specially care of efficiency in computational terms, resulting in better performance and lower energy consumption during our calculation processes.

At CIMEC, different groups develop research activities in the following areas: Computational fluid mechanics; Computational Solid Mechanics; Biomedical Applications; Multiphysics optimization and metamodeling; Industrial applications.

Technological assistance activities

CIMEC provides technological assistance to different companies and government agencies through the institutional mechanisms provided by the UNL and CONICET regulations. These activities enable the improvement of production processes, assist in the design of new products and processes, evaluate the safety and reliability of facilities, increase the efficiency and performance of different products in terms of energy consumption, among many other particular results.

We provide technological assistance to the following sectors: Metallurgical; Metal working tools; Agricultural machinery; Energy (nuclear, oil, gas); Food; Chemistry; Aeronautics; Automotive; Civil construction; Government agencies.


CIMEC hosts its own computer center (CIMEC Computer Center, C3) which provides advanced computing services to users of the argentinian scientific system. Currently the C3 is cataloged by the National High Performance Computing System (SNCAD, from its spanish acronym) as an Integral Calculation Center, the highest category in computing centers in Argentina, due to its calculation capabilities and infrastructure. In the cluster room of the CIMEC building, located in the "Dr. Alberto Cassano" campus of the CCT-CONICET Santa Fe, there are four active computing clusters with a total computing power of more than 60 TFlops , and we are in the process of significantly increasing such power.

IAL (Instituto de Agrobiotecnología del Litoral)
The Institute of Agrobiotechnology conducts research in the field of Molecular Biology associated with Agrobiotechnology and develops technologies for agricultural and livestock production.
Predio CONICET Dr. Alberto Cassano
Colectora Ruta Nac. 168 km. 0, Pje El Pozo, Santa Fe
54 342 4511370 Extension 5017

IBB (Instituto de Investigación y Desarrollo en Bioingeniería y Bioinformática)
The Institute for Research and Development in Bioengineering and Bioinformatics constitutes a scientific and technological pole devoted to research in the fields of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics applied to both human and animal health and agriculture.
Ruta 11 Km 10.5,Oro Verde, Entre Ríos
54 343 4975100 Extensions 120 and 157

ICIAGRO Litoral (Instituto de Ciencias Agropecuarias del Litoral)
The ICIAGRO Litoral is a Research Institute which depends on UNL and CONICET, and was created by UNL Resolution No. 569/18 and CONICET Resolution No. 2019-1079. It includes diverse working groups dedicated to generate scientific knowledge, to promote technological, productive and organizational innovation destined to regional and national agri-food systems, aiming for sustainable development.

Moreover, this Institute promotes the generation of associations with different actors related to the agri-food sector, that will allow for technology and research transfer.
Kreder 2805, Esperanza (3080), Santa Fe
54 3496 426400

Research areas:
• Development of sustainable alternatives for the management of natural resources for agricultural production through the study of soil-plant-environment-technology interactions.
• Biological, morphological and evolutionary bases of plant diversity and molecular mechanisms that promote changes in their interaction with the environment.
• Research in plant physiology and molecular biology linked to the exploration and generation of goods and services from plants and crops. Particularly oriented to the development of growth promoters, obtention of metabolites for biological control, addition of functional value to crops, the study of nutraceutical and medicinal potential of plants and the evaluation of crops under biotic and abiotic stress.
• Study and development of innovative strategies for the production of forage resources and optimization in animal production.
• Identification and management of pests and diseases in crops of regional interest under a sustainable approach.
• Study of the flora and vegetation of Argentina linked to the exploration, documentation, conservation and improvement of native phytogenetic resources as forage, forestry, melliferous, industrial, fruity, landscape and/or ornamental potential.

ICTAER (Instituto de Ciencia y Tecnología de los Alimentos de Entre Ríos)
The Institute of Food Science and Technology of Entre Ríos seeks to enhance the research and technological capacities of the region in the food sector.
Pte. Perón 64, Gualeguaychú, Entre Ríos
54 3446 426 115

INCAPE (Instituto de Investigaciones en Catálisis y Petroquímica)
The Institute for Research in Catalysis and Petrochemistry develops basic and applied research in the fields of chemistry, petrochemistry, oil refinery, biomass use, environmental care, and catalytic and chemical engineering processes.
Predio CONICET Dr. Alberto Cassano
Colectora Ruta Nac. 168 km. 0, Pje El Pozo, Santa Fe
54 342 4511370 Extension 6101

INGAR (Instituto de Desarrollo y Diseño)
The Institute for Development and Design undertakes research, development, and integration of technologies for equipment design and efficient operation and management of production processes and systems.
Avellaneda 3657, S3002GJC Santa Fe
54 342 4535568 / 4534451

INLAIN (Instituto de Lactología Industrial)
The Instituto de Lactología Industrial, INLAIN, develops scientific-technological activities that aim to enhance the nutritional, microbiological and sensorial quality of high-consumption dairy products, through the improvement and innovation of the processes for obtaining them. INLAIN has been linked to the regional, national and international dairy industry for more than 40 years, providing analytical services, training and advice. In order to promote the continuous education and training of all staff, it carries out other activities such as internships in industrial establishments, participation in congresses and scientific meetings, courses, seminars and conferences. Moreover, INLAIN researchers participate as professors in subjects for undergraduate careers and postgraduate courses; some of them have teaching participation in other countries as well.
Piso 1 FIQ UNL, 1º de Mayo 3250, Santa Fe
54 342 4530302

Main Research Lines

• Technological tools to standardize / improve quality of cheeses and fermented milk.
• Study of technological behavior of coagulants and milk coagulation parameters (Optigraph equipment).
• Membrane Technologies: concentrated milk in cheesemaking and fermented milk.
• Starter and adjunct cultures of lactic acid bacteria. Design of ferments. Formulation of economical culture media. Attenuation treatments.
• Functional fermented dairy products. Formulation of fermented milk.
• Technological development of non-traditional cheesemaking (sheep, buffalo, goat).
Chemistry and Biochemistry
• Development of bioactive compounds through enzymatic processes.
• Ingredients of bioactive lipids. Bioactive fatty acids encapsulated in liposomal structures.
• Bioactive carbohydrate ingredients. Galactose oligosaccharides derived from cheese whey. Membrane and fermentation processes.
• Biochemistry of lactic fermentation. Biochemistry of cheese maturation. Biogeneration of volatile compounds.

• Technological and functional characterization of lactic acid bacteria (LAB). Molecular studies.
• Investigation of bacteriophages (phages) that infect lactic acid and probiotic bacteria. Development of strategies to control / reduce the risk of phage infections in the fermentative dairy industry.
• Bacterial enzymology. Probiotic bacteria.
• Metagenomic studies on complex microbial communities.
• Development of lactic cultures for silage.
• Use of LAB in gluten-free bakery products.
• Study of exopolysaccharides from LAB and their addition in novel foods to modify their rheological, sensory and functional properties.
• Study of functional, safety, immunological and metabolic parameters of lactic acid and probiotic bacteria or food ingredients through “in vivo” studies (using laboratory animals).

INTEC (Instituto de Desarrollo Tecnológico para la Industria Química)
The Institute for Technological Development in the Chemical Industry conducts basic and applied research and promotes technological development related to various areas: food and biotechnology; catalysis and physical chemistry; environment, industrial, and chemical engineering; polymers and materials; and chemistry.
Predio CONICET Dr. Alberto Cassano
Colectora Ruta Nac. 168 km. 0, Pje El Pozo, Santa Fe
54 342 4511595 Extension 1036

IQAL (Instituto de Química Aplicada del Litoral)
The Institute of Applied Chemistry undertakes research, development and innovation activities in the fields of environmental chemistry, organic synthesis and physical chemistry, theoretical and computational chemistry, and electrochemistry.
Santiago del Estero 2829 - S3000AOM - Santa Fe
54 342 4571164 Extension 2519

sinc(i) (Instituto de Investigación en Señales, Sistemas e Inteligencia Computacional)
The Institute for Research in Computational Intelligence, Signals, and Systems conducts research in algorithms for machine learning, data mining, complex systems, and signal processing. It provides technologies for medical assistance, bioinformatics, precision agriculture, autonomous systems, and man-computer interfaces.
Facultad de Ingeniería y Ciencias Hídricas
Ciudad Universitaria UNL, Paraje El Pozo, Santa Fe
54 342 4575233 Extension 195