IDICAL (Instituto de Investigación de la Cadena Láctea)
The Institute for Research in the Milk Chain produces scientific knowledge and promotes technological innovation processes to enhance the competitiveness and sustainability of the milk chain.
Experimental INTA Rafaela Ruta 34 km 227, (2300)
Rafaela, Santa Fe
54 11 24548318

ICIVET Litoral (Instituto de Ciencias Veterinarias del Litoral)
The Institute seeks and generates basic and applied knowledge in Veterinary Sciences, mainly on animal medicine, epidemiology, food safety, public health, wildlife conservation, among others.
The scientific information generated is related to regional and national problems that might be approached by Veterinary Sciences. We design and develop technological tools and health strategies suitable for each specific problem.
In addition, the Institute seeks to disseminate and transfer available knowledge to stakeholders and relevant players of the innovation system, in particular industries of the agro-food and pharmaceutical sectors.
R.P. Kreder 2805, Esperanza, Santa Fe
54 3496 428575/78 Extension 349

Fields of research

• Studies of the physio-pathology of reproduction and lactation with focus on issues faced by the cattle industry. These investigations aim at providing tools and solutions for diseases and syndromes that undermine livestock production.
• Comparative medicine approaches that combine basic and applied research carried out by collaborating departments and laboratories. The integrative analyses of the information generated allows a more profound and robust interpretation of the information gathered from different species, some of which are of exclusive veterinary incumbency.
• Studies of health and disease as an ecological phenomenon in human and animal populations, determining the role of wildlife in the epidemiological cycles of humans and domestic animals.
• Generation of immunoanalysis and molecular biology techniques for diagnostic, prevention and research of diseases of interest for human and veterinary medicine.
• Development of technological tools and sanitary strategies for the improvement of the quality and safety of animal products intended for human and animal consumption.
• Studies of the general and particular physiology of selected wild animals to inform programs and strategies of wildlife conservation and management.
• Promotion of knowledge on the sustainable use of natural resources and the evaluation of the anthropogenic environmental impact.
• Production of recombinant proteins of biotechnological interest for Veterinary Sciences.
• Investigations on experimental comparative psychology. Associative learning and social cognition in canids. Dog-human inter-specific communication.

INALI (Instituto Nacional de Limnología)
The National Institute of Limnology studies the biological and ecological features of continental aquatic ecosystems of the Paraná river and its basin, including: water quality, threatened species, habitat fragmentation, and biodiversity and aquaculture conservation.
Ciudad Universitaria UNL, Paraje El Pozo, Santa Fe
54 342 4511645/48 Extensions 102/103

ISAL (Instituto de Salud y Ambiente del Litoral)
The Institute of Health and Environment carries out research and development activities in the fields of health sciences and their relationship with the environment to promote knowledge broadening and transfer and thus contribute to problem-solving.
Facultad de Bioquímica y Ciencias Biológicas, Piso 4
Ciudad Universitaria UNL, Paraje El Pozo, Santa Fe
54 342 457 5207